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Vocal Range and Performance

Smooth, calm, fun, warm, millennial, and deep. Danny's voice can be summed up in one word: cool. It's what got him on Pokémon, Marvel and Yu-Gi-Oh! He conveys style and intelligence with educated eloquence, but is relatable and enthusiastic. A poetic advocate, his greatest talent is being an engaging storyteller. His voice and performance take you on a journey connecting emotion with personal experience and aspiration to engage viewers, be it for commercial copy or dialogue.


• Can portray light, high and airy voices.

• Crazy, kinetic and animated voices with high energy. 

• Raspy, gruff or gritty voices for specific projects.

• Non-announce, always natural, real and conversational. Upbeat, with relaxed confidence


• Great diction with ease in delivering complicated or foreign words.

His specialities are: Commercials, Biographies, Explainer Videos, E-Learning, Narration, Corporate Narration, Animation (Dub or Pre-lay) and Web Videos

Represented by:

Danny Kramer Animation DemoDanny Kramer
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Danny Kramer anime voice actor

Animation Roles

Recurring character Gym Leader Raihan on Pokémon Journeys and recurring villain The Shepherd on  Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, both currently airing, and more!

Video Game Roles

Galactus in Marvel Snap, Little Commander Kaboom in Mobile Legends Bang Bang and more!

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