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Commercial Demo Reel
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Vocal Range and Performance

Smooth, calm, fun, warm, millennial, and deep. Danny's voice can be summed up in one word: cool. It's what got him on Pokémon, Marvel and Yu-Gi-Oh! He conveys style and intelligence with educated eloquence, but is relatable and enthusiastic. A poetic advocate, his greatest talent is being an engaging storyteller. His voice and performance take you on a journey connecting emotion with personal experience and aspiration to engage viewers, be it for commercial copy or dialogue.


• Can portray light, high and airy voices.

• Crazy, kinetic and animated voices with high energy. 

• Raspy, gruff or gritty voices for specific projects.

• Non-announce, always natural, real and conversational. Upbeat, with relaxed confidence


• Great diction with ease in delivering complicated or foreign words.

His specialities are: Commercials, Biographies, Explainer Videos, E-Learning, Narration, Corporate Narration, Animation (Dub or Pre-lay) and Web Videos

Represented by:

Marissa Robinson Marino

Danny Kramer Animation DemoDanny Kramer
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Danny Kramer anime voice actor

Animation Roles

Gym Leader Raihan on Pokémon Journeys, the villainous Shepherd on  Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, plus Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens, Prince of Tennis II, the award winning Four Souls of Coyote and more!

Video Game Roles

Galactus in Marvel Snap, Aron Otter in Higan Eruthyll, Bashar and Mishal in Genshin Impact, Little Commander Kaboom in Mobile Legends Bang Bang and more!

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