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Home Studio Setup

Neumann TLM 103 Sample | Danny Kramer Home Studio Test
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Advanced Audio CM87 Sample | Danny Kramer Home Studio Test
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Neumann TLM 103 (Main Mic)

Advanced Audio CM87 Microphone (Backup)


XLR from Microphone to Scarlett 2i2, 3rd Generation


2017 MacBook Pro Big Sur 11.2.1

Feelworld HD Monitor in booth for ADR

Audio Software:

Adobe Audition CC

Remote Connecting

MacBook via Ethernet Cable to high-speed 1 GB internet

-- Zoom

-- Skype

-- SourceConnect Standard

-- Team Viewer

-- Discord

File Delivery:

Danny can use any service the client prefers. Currently has:



Google Drive

Booth/Space Treatment:

Made by hand, Danny's booth is constructed from 5 wooden walls, covered inside from top to bottom with 1.5" thick acoustic wedge panels. Carpeting for floor. The booth itself is inside of an underground, sound isolated film studio Danny owns. No outside noise.

Danny Kramer Pokémon voice actor booth
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