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For Video Games, Danny Kramer brings the immediacy, realism
and intensity needed to engage players, bringing your character to life and pulling audiences right into your game world!

Marvel Snap

Developed by Second Dinner Studios Inc. 
Published by Nuverse


The fastest card battler in the Multiverse is here! Assemble your Marvel dream team from a super roster of your favorite heroes and villains—then make your move.

Genshin Impact

Developed & Published by miHoYo

Bashar, Mishal, Khalaf and more

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world, action role-playing game that allows the player to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party and experience various narratives and battles.

Higan Eruthyll

Developed & Published by Bilibili

Aron Otter

Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D real-time strategy RPG with a vintage-inspired art style and a magic-tech setting. Planet Eruthyll is where you can use diverse tactics with dynamic instructions and enjoy the touching stories presented by fantastic cutscenes.


Created and Directed by Omar Uraimov
Part of the USC Games Expo 2023

Richman 11

Developed by CMGE
Published by SOFTSTAR


Richman 11 is a casual game of the Monopoly genre, it's the 11th installment of the franchise. Earn money and win by investing in properties and using cards!
Danny Kramer voiceover work in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Developed and Published by Moonton

Little Commander Kaboom

Released on June 4th, 2021, Summon Little Commander Kaboom to aid you in your battles in Magic Chess!
Danny Kramer the voice of Little Commander Kaboom in Mobile Legends Bang Bang
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